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Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), or the Worker’s Samaritan Federation, is a German relief and social welfare organisation engaged in many social service provisions, including civil protection, rescue service, and social welfare service. ASB works through more than 200 branch offices in Germany and services in more than 20 countries abroad.

In 2006, ASB started working in Indonesia following the earthquake in Yogyakarta and Central Java in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2014, ASB began its initial program in the Philippines through mutual partnerships with local organisations following Typhoon Haiyan in late 2013.

We work closely with government, international, national, and local non-government organisations (NGOs), academia and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs). We are actively involved in regional and international policy forums. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering practical, inclusive disaster risk reduction (DRR) solutions, such as the Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network (DiDRRN).




Improving meaningful access and participation for all.
Strengthening individuals, communities & decision makers capacities to create positive change.
Enhancing societies’ ability to manage risk.

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