What We Do

ASB Indonesia and the Philippines is committed to improving meaningful access and participation for all. Our work aims to strengthen individuals, communities, organisations, networks and decision makers’ capacities to create positive change and enhance societies’ ability to manage risk.

Capacity Building

Capacity building activities are the main component of every ASB’s program. ASB provides learning services and technical assistance and also facilitates multi-stakeholder knowledge exchange.

Where We Work

News and Stories

Building Resilience: ASB Launches Seger Waras Initiative

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) recognises that its areas ...
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Blind man facilitates meeting

The Eye of an Advocate: How Supron Leads Lampung’s Disability Inclusive Disaster-Preparedness Efforts

Supron is no stranger to natural disasters. Throughout his l...
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Beyond the Waves: How a Tsunami Turned Susi into Disability Inclusive Disaster-Preparedness Advocate

It was a devastating day back in December 2018. A tsunami ju...
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penggunaan alat penjernih air milik ASB bernama skyhydrant di tanggap bencana banjir Demak

Flood Disaster Response in Karanganyar [Part 3 of Journey Story of Demak Flood Response]

The Karanganyar-Mijen road serves as the border between Kara...
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