Sometimes we are not aware of the activities that trigger fires, for example burning garbage near the house, placing a candle near inflammable objects, careless interactions with electric sockets, short circuits, inappropriate usage of electric household devices such as microwaves, playing with firecrackers and fuels, and so on. When there is an unpredictable fire at your home, office or school, do not panic! Take a fire extinguisher immediately and spray it at the base of the fire. If you have no fire extinguisher at home, use wet clothes or sand to extinguish the flames.

If the fire is too big and cannot be extinguished by yourself, immediately move away from the fire source and evacuate outside the building. If you are in a multi storey building, do not use the lift or elevator but use the emergency stairs. Get low and escape from the building by covering your mouth and nose using any clothes that you can find. If your clothes catch on fire, stop what you are doing, drop and roll over your back on the ground to put out the fire while covering your face. Do not forget to help your family members or friends who have difficulties walking, hearing, or seeing.

Once you manage to escape to a safe area, call the fire department or find nearest help. Call medical hotlines if you are injured. Even if the fire has been put out, do not return to the building because the burned objects there are still hot and may be dangerous. Make sure to prepare a fire extinguisher or a bucket filled with water or sand as well as an emergency kit in reachable spots. Check your fire alarm to see if it works well. Conduct regular fire drills to be more prepared. Organise your inflammable furniture and belongings at home to reduce fire risks.


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