During the transitional period between the dry season and wet season, in some places we often see tornadoes: the violently rotating column of air that travels rapidly and damages anything it passes. Tornadoes can destroy trees, crops, utility poles and buildings, so we need to be cautious. There are some signs of tornadoes, such as hot weather followed by sudden cloudy and extremely dark sky and rumbling sound like thunder. If you feel a strong wind is approaching, immediately get in your house or buildings and stay away from the doors and windows. Protect yourself from hazardous debris that may occur during the storm by covering your body with a blanket or thick clothes. Turn off the electricity and stoves. Do not seek protection under potentially hazardous objects that can fall off at any time such as trees, utility poles, billboards, or bridges.

If your area happens to be regularly hit by tornadoes, it is crucial that you recognise the signs and the typical seasons when tornadoes occur. Check your roof regularly to make sure it can withstand the strong wind and storms. Prune the trees around your house regularly. If you see any signs of damage on the utility poles and billboards in your area, report to the nearest authority. Plant trees to avoid extreme heat during dry seasons that may cause tornadoes.


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