Landslides are the movement of the ground, rocks, soils, and other materials down from the slope of the cliffs or hills. Landslides occur due to mud flows, heavy rainfalls, earthquakes, or the slipping ground. If we see or hear the signs of landslides, we must be alert. The landslide signs include: river color that turns into milky brown, tree branches or twigs falling down to the river, loud noises from the mountain or hill, cracks on the slope or edge of the cliff, the sound of the cracking tree and walls, and the appearance of sloping trees or electric utility poles.

If you recognise those signs, go to the safe locations as soon as possible, away from the mountains or hills. When evacuating yourself, you better walk instead of driving any vehicle, to ensure easier and safer evacuation. Once you arrive at the safe location, stay there and stay alert. Look at your surroundings to be cautious of any signs of landslide continuation.

Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

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