Tsunamis are a giant wave that moves at a rapid speed. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or submarine landslides. Stay alert if you live in coastal areas. Know the early warning systems in your neighbourhood (such as alarms, sirens, text messages, or other warning) that can help you stay informed when any signs of tsunami have occurred. It is crucial that you always check for the accessibility of the evacuation route and assembly point. It is highly recommended to participate in training or simulations of tsunami evacuations regularly with family, friends and neighbours. Make sure to prepare an emergency kit that you can grab any time when it is necessary.

Tsunamis are often preceded with earthquakes. Right after the earthquake has stopped, a tsunami may occur. It is safer to evacuate immediately to a nearest higher ground because the warning system may come late during a disaster. Follow the evacuation route signs and run away from the coast or beach. When you evacuate to the higher ground, avoid any areas susceptible to landslides and debris.

Stay in the safe area and do not approach any river, ocean, or other dangerous sites. Make sure to seek for trusted information regarding the disaster and do not get provoked by any false or misleading information. Do not return to your house before authorities declare the situation is safe.


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