Flood Response in Wonorejo Village [Part 4 of Journey Story of Demak Flood Response]

Through assessment results and coordination with the refugee point in Wonorejo Village, the ER team from ASB and the ULD PB BPBD of Demak Regency, along with the Head of RT 7 RW 3 in Kedung Banteng Sub-Village, communicated with several residents to find a source of raw water that could be utilized for household needs. From this process, the team and the RT Head met with a resident who had a well and was willing to allow access for the water needs of the surrounding residents. After checking the condition and water quality of the well, the team proceeded to install a Skyhydrant device along with other components, which was immediately utilized by residents for accessing clean water.

In RT 7, RW 3 Kedung Banteng Sub-Village, there are 95 households, almost all of which are affected by the flood. During the initial survey by the team, the floodwater was still at a height of about 30-50 cm. Therefore, the process was quite challenging but manageable. The residents had to wade through the floodwater to collect and store the filtered clean water.

The operation to provide clean water through the Skyhydrant device was carried out by the team for 3 days. The team also coordinated with the Volunteer Desk WhatsApp Group to obtain support tanks for storing clean water and facilitate the residents of RT 7 in storing and mobilizing clean water for household needs. From this coordination, the Kudus Regency Red Cross (PMI Kudus) agreed to lend 2 tanks and install them in RT 7.

On the last day of the operation, the ER ASB team coordinated with the RT head to assess the need for clean water after the floodwaters receded. The situation was that almost all residents in RT 7 had been using water from the PDAM source and the electricity was still cut off. Therefore, the ER ASB team decided to leave 1 unit of Skyhydrant to be utilized for the next 7 days, which was handed over to the RT head as the responsible person. The ER ASB team also requested support from Asrofi to be responsible for monitoring the use of the Skyhydrant device during its usage in RT 7.


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