Building Resilience: ASB Launches Seger Waras Initiative

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) recognises that its areas ...
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Beyond the Waves: How a Tsunami Turned Susi into Disability Inclusive Disaster-Preparedness Advocate

It was a devastating day back in December 2018. A tsunami ju...
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penggunaan alat penjernih air milik ASB bernama skyhydrant di tanggap bencana banjir Demak

Flood Disaster Response in Karanganyar [Part 3 of Journey Story of Demak Flood Response]

The Karanganyar-Mijen road serves as the border between Kara...
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emergency response to Demak Flood

Asrofi and Flood Management in Karanganyar, Demak [Part 2 of Journey Story of Demak Flood Response]

The sun had risen a bit when the Emergency Response Team fro...
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Peer Visit from Myanmar in the PASTI Program

Peer Visit: Steps to Strengthen the Inclusion of Disabilities in Disaster Risk Reduction

The environment for organizational implementation needs to b...
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disaster management training with persons with disabilities

Development Map of Disabilities Inclusion Policy in Disaster Management

In 2004, a large tsunami hit Aceh. This event became one of ...
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