Flood Disaster Response in Karanganyar [Part 3 of Journey Story of Demak Flood Response]

penggunaan alat penjernih air milik ASB bernama skyhydrant di tanggap bencana banjir DemakThe Karanganyar-Mijen road serves as the border between Karanganyar Village and the riverbank, some parts of which were breached, leading to flooding in Demak Regency. On Saturday (17/02) afternoon, sections of the road were still submerged knee-deep. Guided by Asrofi, the ASB team cautiously navigated the road, wary of vehicles stalling in the floodwaters. Thankfully, everything proceeded smoothly, thanks to careful selection of less inundated sections and guidance from Asrofi.

laki-laki sedang mengoperasikan alat penjernih air bernama skyhydrant dalam rangka penanganan banjir di DemakAfter traversing the flooded area, the ASB team stopped at an evacuation site near the Water Resources Management Office. This site, situated atop an embankment, featured several simple tents and parked two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. Initially, this was where Asrofi and his family sought refuge. However, after relocating his family to Kudus, Asrofi remained there, occasionally checking on his house.

From this evacuation point, the ASB team, along with Asrofi, continued their journey to the Kedungwaru Kidul Village Hall. Here, aid distribution was centralized, and a public kitchen was set up. Mujianto, the Head of Kedungwaru Kidul Village, led efforts to meet the basic needs of residents from his village and neighboring areas, including Karanganyar Village.

The ASB team and Asrofi met with the Village Head to request permission for emergency response operations and to receive guidance on their next steps. Based on the Village Head’s informations, the ASB team was directed to provide services, filtration, and provision of clean water near the Al Mubarokah Mosque in Karanganyar Village.

As the ASB team was about to leave the Village Hall, Mujianto suddenly called them back.Mujianto, ASB and Yatim Mandiri could collaborate: ASB would filter the water, and Yatim Mandiri would supply the tanks. This partnership streamlined the provision of aid, particularly in Karanganyar Village.

Over time, this collaboration yielded excellent results and involved various stakeholders. Water filtered using ASB’s Skyhydrant equipment was stored in the tanks provided by Yatim Mandiri. From there, local residents around the mosque distributed it through four taps, accelerating man collecting clean water in the middle of flood disasterthe delivery of clean water to meet community needs.

Overall, by Monday (19/02), several points in Karanganyar Village had received raw water filtration services from the ASB team:

1. Skyhydrant 1 operated for 5 days at the Al Mubarokah Mosque, serving households in RT 06 and 07, approximately 80 families.
2. Skyhydrant 2 operated for 1 day at the Baitul Makmur Mosque, serving 55 families in RT 01 RW 01.
3. Skyhydrant 3 operated for 2 days at the Fadhlul Mujib Mosque, serving approximately 35 families in RT 01 RW 02.
4. Skyhydrant 4, initially installed at Mrs. Sri Suyati’s house, was later relocated to Mr. Suyanto’s house, serving nearly 50 families in RT 04 RW 03. This Skyhydrant operated for 1 day.

In addition to Karanganyar Village, the ASB team continued their assessment in Kedung Banteng Hamlet, Wonorejo Village, until Monday (19/02).


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