Joint Effort towards Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction

These recent weeks, ASB team in Indonesia receives significa...
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One Seed at a Time

BMZ-ASB Project Supports Gattaran Local Government Unit (LGU...
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Build Back Better from Floods: The Power of Waste Bank

A lesson from a resident of Songbanyu Village in Indonesia. ...
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Training Series on Disability Inclusion in Disaster Management

ASB Indonesia and the Philippines had completed training ser...
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Surviving the Storm and Preparing for the Future

When Typhoon Vamco, named strongest typhoon of 2020, affecte...
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Women leadership in managing the pandemic

Women leaders all over the world are being acknowledged for ...
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Inclusive research: working with organisations of persons with disabilities in WASH research

Conducting a research was not a familiar thing to do for mos...
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Responding to COVID-19: Priority of protection for most at-risk groups

While it is true that the novel coronavirus is spreading ind...
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